High Precision, High Quality, High Performance

Manufacturing Capability:
・Accuracy is ±0.001mm and surface roughness is 0.8S~1.6S.

Japanese series CNC center less grinding and core grinding for perfect coordination with our customers.
・Accuracy is ±0.01mm and surface roughness is 1.6S~3.2S.
Japanese series CNC lathe / milling complex processing, allowing us to complete the piece work required by our customers in one processing with accurate size.
・Accuracy is ±0.03mm and surface roughness is 1.6S~3.2S.
All types of accuracy machine, drilling and threading, milled processing, angle cutting, and production that conform to customer’s requirement.
・Professional TIG welding technique and manufacturing that conform to customer’s requirements.
・Injection forming, manufacturing products for customer with professional technique.
・Different types of precision measuring instruments and commissioned designing of testing tools and equipment.