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State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment

Germany and Japan are well known for their advanced manufacturing machines. We always purchase our manufacturing equipment from those countries. This enables us to manufacture high-precision parts with accuracy of ±0.001mm by having constantly purchased advanced machines from Japan and inspection equipment from Germany, such as, composite milling machines, precision CNC grinding machines, boring mills, TIG welding machines, injection molding machines and all kinds of special-purpose processing machines, non-contact shaft measuring systems, and so on.
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1. 95% manufacturing process executed in house.
(1) CNC Multi-Axis Turning Processing 
To provide accurate and customized precision parts, we exploit the latest CNC lathe and milling complex machines from Japan and a sound quality control system to manufacture customers’ products in strict in one processing. Therefore, we can accurately meet the customer’s requirements.

(2) CNC Honing Processing:
Customers need is the way for our firm to go. We exploit 11-axes precise honing processing machines and measurement instruments with 0.1µm precision to manufacture high quality precision parts as customer’s requirements.

(3) CNC Grinding Processing:
Quality First, Customers Foremost. We insist on strict quality control – 100% self-inspection, μm tolerance for our product standards by utilizing world-class technology and equipment without compromising craftsmanship.

(4) Welding Processing:
With professional technology and experience more than 40 years, we enable to complete various welding processing accurately by laser welding, TIG welding and filler welding. 

(5) Injection Molding Processing:
Our injection molding processing includes injection mold development, mold flow analysis, mold manufacturing, mold testing, mold modification, and small-batch mass production. We can manufacture various products according to different requirements. 

2. 100% full inspection for all products.
Quality Control department has had all required testing and inspection equipment to monitor product quality and fulfill the standards, which includes Calipers, Micrometers, Height Gages, Thread Gauges, Ring Gauges, Block Gauges. Our main key instruments contain Electronic Comparator, Surface Roughness Instruments, Roundness (Circularity) Instruments, Rockwell Hardness Instrument, 2.5D Digital Projector with Measurement Software, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Non-Contact Shaft Measuring Systems.